Well, that escalated quickly.

What started as a simple idea for a few conversations grew to 30+ panels, live podcasts, and conversations. It’s in my nature to take things a little too seriously and run a little too hard with them, especially when it’s something I’m passionate about. However, I didn’t expect that we’d get coverage in Japan, India, and from our friends at Nice Kicks here in the US. All that attention made its way to the legal team at South by Southwest, who informed me that I can’t use South, X, or SX, in any way, among some other kind words. All that to say that the event is now called SNEAKER CONVOS.

I’ve got even more guests than we originally shared, and for our opening night chat we had Seth Fowler, Russ Bengtson, Jacques Slade, Ben Serleth, Will Hardison, Marrio Restores, Jon Ratner, along with Joe Raaen, Robbie Falchi, Rohit Malhotra, and Mike Guillory. You can check out the conversation on YouTube.

But even before that, our friends from Canada came together for an All-Star-level performance on the What The Canada Superpod. I couldn’t have asked for a better group to start off a week’s worth of conversations. Thank you to Lawrence Hopkins, Chris Chiu, Sean Collard, Jon Ratner, Sean Go, and Alvin Quincy Martinez. Be sure to check out their conversation if you’ve ever considered starting a podcast.

The rest of the week is booked solid with conversations I think you will enjoy. Take a look at the schedule below and tune in at or I appreciate all of your support! ✌️+ ❤️