Moving The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Closer To You

Why wait for the light to come when you have the power to move it.

As I’ve mentioned before, my new year has already begun. I’m going at full speed and I’m not looking back.

As you might know, I’ve worked as a consultant in the footwear business for years. Although truth be told, I’ve never liked the stigma that comes with the ‘consultant’ title. It sounds quite uppity for a guy that prides himself on wearing sneakers and baseball hats every day. That said, there’s not really a title for someone who does a lot of everything, with the exception of maybe, ‘entrepreneur’.

More often than not in 2020, even that label is far from what it seems. From the outside, it sounds cool. In reality, it’s probably more exhausting and overrated than whatever you pictured in your head. While I wish it was Mai Tais on the beach every day, the reality is that it’s usually late nights, early mornings, and enough phone calls and Zoom meetings to turn my calendar into a rainbow of colors.

For me, however, it’s the mindset of constant improvement, never settling for the status quo, and a sense of inspiration that motivates me. Whether it’s a side hustle that takes up my free time while working full time, freelance gigs, or just the constant networking in hopes to find that next opportunity, being an entrepreneur means that every day is different and you are constantly rolling with the punches.

In the sneaker world, that can be anything from creating content for brands or retailers, sponsored posts, YouTube videos, building your own app, creating your own community, or for most of us, all of those things at once.

It can be overwhelming. Actually, it is always overwhelming.

In an effort to learn better ways to navigate the sneaker world as an entrepreneur, I’ve started a new YouTube series and revamped the Outside The Box podcast where I talk with doers and creators that are facing similar challenges to create a life for themselves through the world of sneakers. For me, it will give me insights on how to deal with the challenges, refine my approach like I’m Drake in 2007 on The Presentation, and hopefully make some cheese in the process.

More importantly, I want to share what I learn with those of you that are willing to listen. I also want to talk to people that you want to hear from. So, if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave me a comment, message me on Twitter, email me, send a carrier pigeon, however you want to get in touch, just do it.

While this week I find myself fighting off the relentless pull from the gravity field that is my couch, I’m challenging myself to take action today on one (or more) of the things I’ve been thinking about adding to my new year’s resolution list. There’s no better time to start than today and getting one step ahead before the arbitrary calendar year says it’s a good day to start fresh. If you’re down to take action, even if it’s a simple one, let me know. Let’s do this together and free ourselves from the melancholy of 2020. We can support each other by cheering one another on one step at a time until we start to cross off those bucket list items we’ve been putting off for the tomorrow that never comes.

Happy New Year!